What's it like to work with Splash PR?

"For the second annual Greenwich 2012 FOOD+WINE Festival, Shelley got us press we hadn’t even dreamed of: NBC, Channel 12, blog after blog — from as far away as Hawaii! Shelley is not only fast, reliable, smart and efficient, she is also understanding and patient. We can't wait to work with her again!”

- Molly Galterio, Associate Publisher, Serendipity magazine

"Shelley’s quick, strategic thinking has provided exposure for my name and expertise in both national and local press. In addition to pitching, she has also helped me extensively with my website and social media efforts. Shelley gives everything 150% of her attention, and I promise that her high energy and speed will have you thinking quick on your feet too when responding to the press inquiries she will generate for you!”

- Personal Trainer Adrian Garce

"Thanks to Shelley, my book received attention from USA Today, Huffington Post and MSNBC, launching it to #1 on for its category. She is thorough, enthusiastic, quick to respond, unflaggingly cheerful, and dedicated to getting results. With Splash PR, your product will make (this pun is going to hurt) waves (I told you)."

- Marty Beckerman, author of The Heming Way

"Shelley has that rare PR mind that understands both traditional media and the interactive space, and how best to maximize both for the client's advantage. Her campaigns are always creative, strategic and well-executed, and she consistently over-delivers with results and impressions. We could not recommend her more highly."

- Jeremy Murphy, Vice President, Communications, CBS; Editor-in-Chief, Watch! magazine